Wednesday Morning (in some galaxy) Linkslide

Wee bit behind on things today. Sorry for the tardiness. Now, upward.

You can thank the Obama administration for high gas prices. Well, the Obama administration and the environmental groups it’s worked with. Also, here’s a look at the direct victims of Pres. Obama’s oil-drilling moratorium. Remember, the idiot cowboy, who was of course in bed with the oil companies, lowered gas prices with one stroke of his pen. Don’t say it can’t be done.

Nothing to worry about here. Just the government wanting to install a black box that tracks your location, speed, etc. while you’re in the car. Because there’s no way this box could ever be used, say, to track your mileage to assess a per-mile tax.

If you buy one of those newfangled electric cars, don’t get too much of a green smirk on your face. You’re buying a coal-powered car.

That super-smooth, ultra-suave, intelligent Pres. Obama keeps on making gaffes that would embarrass Frank Drebin. And getting a pass for them. (And I’m not a fan of British royalty. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy. Remember when George Bush got sick in Japan? Something that can’t be helped? And remember how it was SNL fodder for years? Why do I think this won’t be?)

First political correctness, now this: the Plain Writing Act. Here’s one part of that act. ““Government” will be changed to “we”, and “citizens” will be replaced by “you” making all instructions seem more good-natured and friendly.” Also, “The active voice should always be used, except when “the law” is the actor.  In that case, use of the passive voice will keep citizens from misdirecting their frustration toward the government.” No, this is not a satire.  Orwell was an optimist.

Brent Bozell says that no one may lecture Pres. Obama. Even if the lecturer (Netanyahu) is right, more experienced, and defending the life of his country, and is responding to an unprecedented slap at his country from a sitting president.

Forgotten about gun control? Pres. Obama hasn’t. He’s working on it “under the radar,” according to the Bradys. Of the Brady Bill, not the Bunch.

Here’s what socialism can do to a country as oil-rich as my face when I was 14: make it have an energy shortage. Bonus Milton Friedman quote excellence.

Steny Hoyer says America is not broke. And he’s correct. “Broke” means you have no money. America would have to improve by trillions of dollars to get up to that level. (Sidenote to Homestar Runner fans: I can’t read Hoyer’s name without hearing Strong Bad say, “Stiny! Fetch me a Danish!”)

The EPA says fracking doesn’t contaminate groundwater. Frack here, frack now, frack everywhere possible.

Americans believe government regulations are choking the economy. That’s because they are. Just ask low-regulation Texas, with its 723,000 new jobs.