Replace Medicare with vouchers

There’s way too much freedom of choice and good sense in this video for it to ever happen, but it would be nice if it could happen.


Spot the consistency

A flash mob entered a Dunkin’ Donuts store in Manhattan and proceed to act like rampaging Huns. Gateway Pundit points out that this mob acted just like mobs in other areas.

Apparently, it’s racist to note that all of the youths involved in the attack were black just like the flashmob that attacked the Milwaukee Mayfair Mall in January, the mob that attacked a Dupont Circle store in Washington DC in April, and the flashmob that ransacked a Las Vegas convenience store in early May.

Apparently, if you notice these things you’re just being a hateful racist.

This is what political correctness gets you: watered-down journalism. If I were covering a story where a group of cowboys ransacked a store, I’d make darn sure everybody who read my story knew that the perpetrators were cowboys. If they were all white cowboys, and they had ransacked a store in a black neighborhood, I’d make double-darn sure everybody knew that. But in PC America, to point out the obvious fact that black mobs are robbing businesses that are mainly operated by and frequented by white people makes you racist.

But it doesn’t. Anyone with a brain knows that. I don’t look at those videos and think, “Yep, that’s the way black people are always acting.” I look at the videos and think, “Man, what a bunch of thugs.” And that’s it. I’m quite capable of realizing that the actions of a few thugs don’t reflect the behavior of an ethnic group, any more than KKK thugs represent white people.

Tell the story. Include the gender, the race, the height, the whatever. It’s called reporting. Look into it.

Americans don’t buy Obama’s Israel position

The always pithy and spot-on Don Surber points out that Pres. Obama isn’t tracking with the field when he cozies up to the Arabs and slags on the Jews.

Gallup: American support for Israel is its highest in 20 years.

I guess President Obama did not get the memo.

Despite what those lefty professors at schools that accept Arab money preach, Israel is a free nation that for decades has been the lone democratic oasis in a desert of despotism.

Americans know that and still stand by Israel.

Sessions to Democrats: Put your budget where your mouth is

Maybe the Democrats are using the “you can’t criticize our plan if we don’t have one” defense.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), the ranking member of the Budget Committee, yesterday announced that he would be blocking a set of unanimous consent measures this week in protest of the Senate Democrats, who don’t have a budget plan for the 2012 fiscal year.

The Senate plans to hold votes on a package of budgets this week in a set schedule, a parliamentary move that requires unanimous consent. Sessions says he will object to this, forcing a cloture vote on the schedule that will require a supermajority. His planned objection to the unanimous consent, he says, is a protest motion to draw attention to the fact that the Democratic majority in the Senate has failed to pass a budget in over 750 days.

“The planned series of votes are designed by the Majority Leader to fail,” Sessions said in his floor speech. “[They are] designed as a gimmick to distract attention from the unwillingness of Senate Democrats to produce an honest plan.”

A tale of two Chryslers

The Obama administration’s Twitter Terminator, Jesse Lee, tweeted a link to this page this morning. 

Chrysler’s repayment of its outstanding loans to the U.S. Treasury and American taxpayers marks a significant milestone for the turnaround of Chrysler and the countless communities and families who rely on the American auto industry. This announcement comes six years ahead of schedule and just two years after emerging from bankruptcy, allowing Chrysler to build on its progress and continue to grow as the economy recovers. Supporting the American auto industry required making some tough decisions, but I was not willing to walk away from the workers at Chrysler and the communities that rely on this iconic American company. I said if Chrysler and all its stakeholders were willing to take the difficult steps necessary to become more competitive, America would stand by them, and we did. While there is more work to be done, we are starting to see stronger sales, additional shifts at plants and signs of strength in the auto industry and our economy, a true testament to the resolve and determination of American workers across the nation.

But there’s more to this story than meets the preening press release.

Chrysler and the White House will celebrate the Detroit icon’s $5.9 billion repayment of government loans Tuesday in a ceremony that will be hailed by both sides for the same reason: The government bailout had become a liability for all concerned.

In fact, government-free Chrysler is hardly free of debt, but is simply refinancing with private rather than public debt-holders. For its part, the U.S. government will still have a 6.6 percent equity stake in Chrysler — but by removing itself as the company’s loan shark, the White House can boast of the unpopular bailout’s success in returning taxpayer loans six years ahead of schedule. That’s an important sound-bite in an election year.

But there is one inconvenient truth you won’t hear at today’s Sterling Heights, Mich., ceremony: Chrysler wouldn’t be here had it not defied its green White House masters. Chrysler’s return to profitability is a direct result of the fabulous success of its SUVs.

There’s more, and it’s well worth reading.

Tuesday Morning Linkslide

Attention, Obama White House: the ghost of Richard Nixon called, and it wants its paranoia back. The Obama administration has named Jesse Lee “Director of Progressive Media & Rapid Response.” Lee has already taken on Fox News (of course), and according to the memo regarding his new position, he is expected to “deal favorably with progressive media.” Ain’t nothing like a free press, is there?

Hudson New York has a look at creeping (or is it now sprinting?) Muslim influence, and what that means for individual freedoms. Remember Geert Wilders’ dictum: You may meet a moderate Muslim, but you will never see a moderate Islam. There is no such thing.

Power and Control has a couple of videos on how we’re losing our liberties. Of particular interest is the Jewish rabbi explaining the way the Nazis’ gun-control efforts led to Kristallnacht.

Gateway Pundit has video of a Code Pink flash mob bashing Israel, with the participants having less rhythm than Navin Johnson. Maybe they’d like things better in an Arab country? I don’t know how they’d get to the flash mob site, since they couldn’t drive. Or differentiate themselves, since they’d all be wearing black sacks. And they wouldn’t be able to read.

Faith and begorrah! Sure, and Pres. Obama has got a wee bit o’ an Oirish accent, don’t you know? I’m sure that Letterman and Stewart will be all over this. Can you imagine how this would have been used if Pres. Bush had sounded like that, me laddies?

Ace of Spades HQ has the case, or part of the case, for repealing ethanol subsidies. I’d also add that burning food for fuel has caused high food prices and food shortages. Of course, the reason these subsidies in the first place was the world-savior Al Gore needed corn votes. There hasn’t exactly been a lot of follow-up to that admission. I wonder why. And credit Tim Pawlenty for calling for an end to those subsidies right in the middle of corn country.

Nanny-statism alert: Seattle wants to ban disposable coffee cups. Of course, reusing coffee cups means lots and lots of water usage, and chemical usage, and energy usage, and it’s quite possible that more damage would be done to the environment by using non-disposable coffee cups, but what are facts when you need a little alleviation of your guilt?

Separate but equal, 2011 version: Cal State Fresno has Latino-only graduation ceremony.

That stupid George Bush puts his ignorant foot in his ignorant mouth once again.

I remember being bumfuzzled when eHarmony was forced to begin offering matching services for homosexuals, but homosexual dating services haven’t been ordered to offer heterosexual dating services. What eHarmony should have done was folded up its operations rather than being strong-armed into violating its principles. Now, when it comes to homosexual adoption, some adoption agencies in the UK are having to take such drastic measures.

It’s the Chicago way

Thinking about running against Pres. Obama for president? Better get ready for the Chicago Inquisition.

President Obama’s re-election campaign is trying to dig up dirt in the Garden State.

Despite New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s repeated pronouncements that he will not seek the GOP presidential nomination, Obama operatives are compiling a dossier of what they call “opposition research” — material that could be used to damage Christie if he changes his mind, The Post has learned.

The Obama campaign is trying to keep its efforts from public view, concerned they would only elevate Christie’s already impressive standing within the Republican Party, sources said.

If I were involved in any kind of campaign against Pres. Obama, I’d look into his past. You know, scope out his associations with people in college. His grade-point average. His association with shady characters. Wait, wait. Scratch that. You can’t do that, because most of Pres. Obama’s history is locked up tighter than the secret formula for Coke. Never mind.