Back from a short hiatus

I asked the sales guy for a tall hiatus, but they were all out of them. (Rim shot.) Just needed a little time away from the computer. I’ll make it up to you by throwing a whole bunch of links at you, now and later. Basically, you can just stop going to any other website or blog. I’m here for you.

I see people pulling up to the high-octane pumps when, unless you’re driving a high-compression vehicle, is just throwing away money. Higher cost does not equal higher performance. Just ask  New York state, where spending $18,126 per student has gotten them abysmal results.

Pay attention: We can’t pay for Social Security by taking away the Bush tax cuts for high earners. Hmmm. “High earners.” Interesting word, earners. It seems to imply that someone did something, and they earned a lot of money for it. Interesting, indeed.  And don’t forget: high taxes just push people to find better places to hide their income. Folks like money. A lot.

Wondering why the National Labor Relations Board is putting the quietus on Boeing’s plant in South Carolina? Maybe it’s because Pres. Obama has packed the NLRB board with union thugs.

Barney Frank did something very unethical. But it’s cool, because he’s a homosexual. It’s like when, after he had hired a male prostitute, said male prostitute moved in with him and began operating a homosexual prostitution ring out of his house.

Just in case you hadn’t been kicked in the teeth enough lately, there’s this news: the new “natural” unemployment rate is going up.

Since Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are doing so well, just like the rest of our economy, Pres. Obama gave six officials of the two mortgage institutions $34.4 million.

When you’re a Nobel Prize winner, and another Nobel Prize winner, who unlike you, actually did something for his prize, snubs you, that can’t be helpful to your ego.

Remember Nat X, the character Chris Rock portrayed on SNL? Nat said things like the man was the reason behind White-Out, which only works on black letters. Well, this news story of white t-shirts being banned because in someone’s warped mind, they’re racist, sounds like a Nat X rant.

Lockheed Martin just bought the first commercial quantum computer. I want one. Now.

Why the Fed’s inflation targeting is not working. Other than, you know, it being the Fed.



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