Thursday Morning Linkslide

(Sorry for the wonky formatting. I can’t get it to go away, because I’m a dork and all. Please excuse my dorkitude.)

More on the Obama administration’s anti-everything energy agenda. Note this quote: “According to the report, the Oversight Committee obtained an email between the EPA Texas regional director and an environmental advocate congratulating each other on progress in creating barriers to energy production from fossil fuels sources.” I’ll say it once more. If you’re truly green, you must kill yourself. Otherwise, you’re just a hypocrite with a guilt complex.

Seems like some Jewish donators to the Democratic Party are realizing their money has been *aroisgevorfene gelt.

Tyler Durden looks at Belarus’ hyperinflation, and makes me edgy.

Zonation looks at Republican presidential candidates. I absolutely love Zo. Hmmm. Zo for president? We could do a lot worse.

Pajamas Media looks more closely at the killing of Jose Guerena, who was shot 60 times by a SWAT team.Stop the ACLU looks at more dodgy climate science math.
Durable goods orders drop. Again.I’m sure it was an “unexpected” drop.Pass the popcorn, indeed. A Democrat accuses Pres. Obama of favoring Hamas.

My budget plan has gotten exactly as many congressional votes as Pres. Obama’s did. Can you imagine the (rightful) hue and cry if this had happened to a Republican president?
Socialized medicine is great! As long as you don’t need exotic drugs like water. “Doctors are prescribing drinking water for neglected elderly patients to stop them dying of thirst in hospital. The measure – to remind nurses of the most basic necessity – is revealed in a damning report on pensioner care in NHS wards.”

*Aroisgevorfene gelt means thrown-out money, or wasted money. Or so says the website I found that expression on. What, I should know every Yiddish expression? I’m a goy


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