Tuesday Morning Linkslide

Attention, Obama White House: the ghost of Richard Nixon called, and it wants its paranoia back. The Obama administration has named Jesse Lee “Director of Progressive Media & Rapid Response.” Lee has already taken on Fox News (of course), and according to the memo regarding his new position, he is expected to “deal favorably with progressive media.” Ain’t nothing like a free press, is there?

Hudson New York has a look at creeping (or is it now sprinting?) Muslim influence, and what that means for individual freedoms. Remember Geert Wilders’ dictum: You may meet a moderate Muslim, but you will never see a moderate Islam. There is no such thing.

Power and Control has a couple of videos on how we’re losing our liberties. Of particular interest is the Jewish rabbi explaining the way the Nazis’ gun-control efforts led to Kristallnacht.

Gateway Pundit has video of a Code Pink flash mob bashing Israel, with the participants having less rhythm than Navin Johnson. Maybe they’d like things better in an Arab country? I don’t know how they’d get to the flash mob site, since they couldn’t drive. Or differentiate themselves, since they’d all be wearing black sacks. And they wouldn’t be able to read.

Faith and begorrah! Sure, and Pres. Obama has got a wee bit o’ an Oirish accent, don’t you know? I’m sure that Letterman and Stewart will be all over this. Can you imagine how this would have been used if Pres. Bush had sounded like that, me laddies?

Ace of Spades HQ has the case, or part of the case, for repealing ethanol subsidies. I’d also add that burning food for fuel has caused high food prices and food shortages. Of course, the reason these subsidies in the first place was the world-savior Al Gore needed corn votes. There hasn’t exactly been a lot of follow-up to that admission. I wonder why. And credit Tim Pawlenty for calling for an end to those subsidies right in the middle of corn country.

Nanny-statism alert: Seattle wants to ban disposable coffee cups. Of course, reusing coffee cups means lots and lots of water usage, and chemical usage, and energy usage, and it’s quite possible that more damage would be done to the environment by using non-disposable coffee cups, but what are facts when you need a little alleviation of your guilt?

Separate but equal, 2011 version: Cal State Fresno has Latino-only graduation ceremony.

That stupid George Bush puts his ignorant foot in his ignorant mouth once again.

I remember being bumfuzzled when eHarmony was forced to begin offering matching services for homosexuals, but homosexual dating services haven’t been ordered to offer heterosexual dating services. What eHarmony should have done was folded up its operations rather than being strong-armed into violating its principles. Now, when it comes to homosexual adoption, some adoption agencies in the UK are having to take such drastic measures.


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