Spot the consistency

A flash mob entered a Dunkin’ Donuts store in Manhattan and proceed to act like rampaging Huns. Gateway Pundit points out that this mob acted just like mobs in other areas.

Apparently, it’s racist to note that all of the youths involved in the attack were black just like the flashmob that attacked the Milwaukee Mayfair Mall in January, the mob that attacked a Dupont Circle store in Washington DC in April, and the flashmob that ransacked a Las Vegas convenience store in early May.

Apparently, if you notice these things you’re just being a hateful racist.

This is what political correctness gets you: watered-down journalism. If I were covering a story where a group of cowboys ransacked a store, I’d make darn sure everybody who read my story knew that the perpetrators were cowboys. If they were all white cowboys, and they had ransacked a store in a black neighborhood, I’d make double-darn sure everybody knew that. But in PC America, to point out the obvious fact that black mobs are robbing businesses that are mainly operated by and frequented by white people makes you racist.

But it doesn’t. Anyone with a brain knows that. I don’t look at those videos and think, “Yep, that’s the way black people are always acting.” I look at the videos and think, “Man, what a bunch of thugs.” And that’s it. I’m quite capable of realizing that the actions of a few thugs don’t reflect the behavior of an ethnic group, any more than KKK thugs represent white people.

Tell the story. Include the gender, the race, the height, the whatever. It’s called reporting. Look into it.


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