Monday Morning Linkslide

Before the linkslide, a request: Please pray for, and support monetarily, the people of Joplin, Missouri. What they went through yesterday looks like a sequel to what Tuscaloosa, Alabama went through on Apr. 27.  As the results in Tuscaloosa have shown, Missourians cannot depend on FEMA assistance.

Tennessee acts to strengthen its anti-terrorism laws. The key section here is when Creeping Sharia’s creeping asks, “Will Holder’s DOJ fight this law as a Muslim attorney with the DOJ assured Muslims in Missouri they would should a law pass there?

In the wake of Pres. Obama’s muddled, befuddled Middle East speech, Jeffrey S. asks, “Who made the ‘hard choices’ on peace?”

The Bookworm Room examines “The moral imperative of American energy.” Drill here, drill now, frack here, frack now, etc. Starting yesterday.

More on the Joplin tornado. Horrifying.

Don Surber looks at California’s nanny-statism idiocy, which would require BB guns be painted bright yellow, pink, blue or orange.

Surber also has two pictures that speak a bazillion words, particularly when it comes to military issues.

Hot Air deals with Pres. Obama’s self-contradictory Middle East speech. But keep in mind, the president was dealing with a Teutonic shift. And I took enough German history to know them Teutons can be hard to deal with.

The more sound the science behind something, the better it will stand up to scrutiny. Which goes a long way toward explaining why UCLA wants to fire a professor who exposed a climate-change fraud’s fraudulent claims. I have yet to encounter, personally, a climate change adherent who was even willing to accept, for the sake of argument, that the issue of climate change was anything but as settled as heliocentrism. Again, that explains a lot.

Human Events looks at how the U.S. energy crisis is a liberal power grab.

And finally, Power Line has an upbeat doomsday scenario: Repent! The end of Keynesian economics is at hand!


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