Morning Linkslide

Sorry for the short hiatus. Lots of fun family stuff intervened. But what happened to my Alabama spring? It felt like I was vacationing in….someplace where it’s still cold in spring. (Too early in the morning for a good analogy.)

Now for the morning links.

Stop the ACLU has this, about some Democrats raising the familiar specter of price-fixing by oil companies. (Sidebar: My “Oil companies, the root of all evil” series will resume shortly.) Supply and demand, people. It’s not that complicated.

Hey, guy who just won $2 million in a lottery. What are you going to do? Go to Disneyland? “Nope, I’m just gonna keep letting the government pay for my food.”

Global warming has parts of the U.S. buried in record snow.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a world leader mispronouncing a name or word. However, there is something wrong with that happening when the previous leader was roundly attacked for every gaffe, but the present leader gets a pass. Here’s Pres. Obama lauding former Kentucky basketball coach Adolph “Ruff.” From prepared remarks. Pre-read your copy. Always.

The stimulus packaged delivered an outstanding 595,000 new jobs! Wait. Hold that. Turns out, it delivered -595,000 new jobs. Man, those little hyphens can really kill an economic buzz.

In the NYT, Mahmoud Abbas makes the case for a Palestinian state. But before you start longing for that Palestinian state, read this Larry Miller article about the derivation (and recent appearance) of words like “Palestinian.”

Want White House access? Then you’d better play nice with the Obama administration, or you’ll be shunned like an Android user at an iPhone convention.

Hamas supporters disrupt church service in distant Middle East state of…Texas? Remember Geert Wilders’ speech in Nashville recently. You can talk of moderate Muslims, but not moderate Islam, because there is no such thing.

Frack here, frack now.

Finally, Netflix is getting stronger and stronger, and better and better. They’re the next big player in the entertainment world. And I couldn’t be happier. (Pats his Roku box lovingly.)


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