Morning Linkslide

My apologies for the shortage of blogging yesterday. A doctor’s appointment and other things got in the way. As Gov. William J. LePetomane said, sometimes affairs of state have to take precedence over the, um, affairs of state. You will all be receiving a prorated statement this week as a result. Now, moving on.

Over at White House Dossier, Keith Koffler says it’s time for Pres. Obama to condemn anti-Christian violence in Egypt.

At Moonbattery, Van Helsing says that San Francisco’s “social justice” contracts lead to things like a $12 battery tray costing the city $3,000. (But I did love Maria McKee’s voice.)

The Foundry points out how Pres. Obama’s oil policy threatens the very existence of the Alaskan oil pipeline. Good thing there’s no big need for oil. Especialy domestically produced oil.

Does it creep you out that America’s president frequently consults with the author of  The Post-American World? It should. And there’s more here.

South Carolina’s Fits News notes that–brace yourself–Americans are driving less. Of particular interestest is this quote from Pres. Obama: “Any notion that my administration has shut down oil production might make for a good political sound bite, but it doesn’t match up with reality,” Obama said. “We are encouraging offshore exploration and production.” Mr. President, that’s a lie. A bald-faced, easily fact-checkable lie. You can lower oil prices with one flourish of the presidential pen, and you won’t do it.

The Wall Street Journal looks at how healthcare reform hurts work. Just as you can always trust water to find the easiest way downhill, you can always trust people to find the best way to hold onto their money.

I’ve liked Deep Purple ever since I read, long ago, that they held (at that time) the record for the world’s loudest rock concert. (117 decibels. For comparison, a baby’s scream can reach from 115 to 130 decibels. And every 3 db increase requires a doubling of input power. I’ve gone to hundreds of concerts, but shortly after picking up my one-year-old son, he blasted my tympanic membranes with BY FAR the loudest noise I ever heard.) Now that they’re standing up for Israel, I like them even more.

When people ask me why I believe in media bias, I give them two reasons: my personal experiences, and things like this: Pres. Obama gets a pass for doubly misusing the word “Teutonic” in a speech, while Dan Quayle’s career was ruined by misspelling “potato.” Is there any doubt that, if this had been uttered by a Republican president, Jon Stewart’s smirky snark over it wouldn’t have filled up a whole day of programming at Comedy Central?

With a hat tip to Iowahawk, here’s a look at how, if you want a federal contract, you’d better play nice with the Obama administration. Nice business you got heyah. It’d be a shame if you couldn’t get a federal contracts because we heard tings. Just sayin’.

From Florida comes this news of a Hispanic-only mayoral debate. Which is infuriating, of course, but it’s also “pick your shattered mandilla off the floor” shocking, because one of the mayoral candidates not invited was Luther Campbell. The very same Luther Campbell I watched Chris Rock impersonate a few days ago on an SNL rerun. Curiouser and curiouser.


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