Huzzah! Netflix comes to Android!

Not all Androids, unfortunately, but it did come to my Verizon HTC Incredible. Last night, I watched an episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” on my phone while in bed. (“Quiet Sam,” featuring William Schallert, in case you were wondering.)  I was having a little bit of trouble getting to sleep (as per usual), so I decided to try out the new Netflix app I had downloaded shortly before bed. It runs on 3G and WiFi, although I’ve only tried it on wireless. (Based on my own experience with 3G video, I’d expect pretty mehriffic experience on 3G.) But on WiFi, it was almost perfection. It takes a little bit to pick out a selection (because of the smaller screen, for one reason), and it takes a little longer to get the video loaded and going than it does on my wired laptop. Having said that, it’s nothing at all to complain about.

Once the video is up and running, it’s brilliant, stutter-free, and awesome. I literally had no complaints, other than the fact you can’t hear my phone’s speaker when it’s leaned up against something, and that’s a phone glitch, not a Netflix one. I was also using the phone while plugged in. I’d assume battery drain would be pretty quick, otherwise. That’s just my opinion, of course.

TechCrunch explains how to put Andy Griffith and Rod Serling in your pocket, so to speak.


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