Hope, indeed

NetRight Daily  looks at how Obamacare is reviving federalism.

When the history of the Obama Administration is written, astute observers are likely to note that one of the great unintended consequences has been a revival of federalism. This is true not just in a theoretical sense, but in terms of states actua lly reasserting their authority in the realm of public policy. Throughout the country, Tea Party groups have focused attention on the Tenth Amendment and the restraints that should reapplied to federal government. But what matters most is that sentiment behind the Tenth Amendment has actually been put into action.

Take for example, the growing movement that has built up around Health Care Compacts (HCC), which are state-level agreements that have the power and authority to negate the insurance mandates included within the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, also known as ObamaCare.

There is a historical precedent supporters have cited for these agreements. While the U.S. Constitution requires congressional approval under Article One Section 10, states have entered into these agreements with federal consent.

Power to the people! The revolution will most definitely be televised!


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