Morning linkslide

See what I did there? It’s not a “landslide,” it’s a “linkslide.” Which I’m sure no one has ever used before. You’re welcome.

Ennyway, here’s some interesting reading for you this beautiful (where I am) Spring morning.

Sweetness & Light examines the president’s moves to make an already porous border even porouser. Come on in, folks! Open bar, and all the social services you can slurp up without paying a cent in taxes for!

The Boston Globe breaks the shocking news that–brace yourself–businesses pass fuel costs along to their customers.  And here’s a link I’ll never stop posting: Pres. Obama should emulate Pres. Bush and lift the federal ban on drilling NOW. It will drive down the price of oil NOW.

National Review‘s Media Blog looks at Michelle Obama’s choice in “poets,” including one who called for the burning of Pres. Bush. And knows as much about grammar and English as I do about owning private jets.

Noted right-wing outfit The Huffington Post says that Pres. Obama’s stimulus was done for political benefit.

Where’s my old Vega? The Foundry looks at Pres. Obama’s administration and policies and says welcome back, Carter.

Because there’s no other way to get messages out in 2011, the government wants the ability to override cell phone traffic in order to send you text message warnings. Like it or not. George Orwell was an optimist.

On a tech note, Google Music launches today. This should be interesting.

Human Events says it’s time to tackle the hidden tax of regulation. They’re wrong, of course. It’s way past time to do that.

Michelle Malkin says that efforts to preserve the “only radical Muslims cause problems” trope continue unabated. (A pre-emptive clarification: Muslims deserve the same right to freedom of religion as any other group. And I deserve the right to point out the self-imposed blindness of so many concerning Islam as anybody else.)

Erik at No Parasan! notes Shariah creep in Denmark. Offend a Muslim, go to jail.


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