Duh! Why do you think they call it “flyover country”?

Remember last year, when Tennessee had staggering flooding, and Pres. Obama came down to commiserate and offer help? If you do remember that, then it’s time to cut back on the meth, because it never happened. The Tennessee flooding was an afterthought, a meteorological gnat that circled around the president’s head for a few seconds.

Now, there’s more flooding in Tennessee, and wildfires in Texas, and the president is once again applying his “See if I give a nano-crap about it” approach to the situations.

President Obama doesn’t seem to have even peered out his Air Force One window to view the swelling Mississippi, a minimal show of interest for which George W. Bush was pilloried when he took a peak at the damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. At least Bush bothered to look.

Obama is traveling today OVER the devastation being wrought by the Mississippi in order to get to events in Texas, where he will rally his Hispanic supporters with a speech on immigration in El Paso and then head to the Lone Star state’s liberal bastion of Austin for two fundraisers.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, who spoke with reporters aboard Air Force One, was asked whether Obama had bothered to get a view from above.

“I haven’t seen him do that but I haven’t been with him for the full flight so far,” Carney said.


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