That’s gonna leave a mark

Over at Brutally Honest,  Tom Flake is pointing out a little bit of hypocrisy regarding OBL and illegal aliens in America.

If I were anyone in the Pakistani political or military establishment, it is at this point that I would hammer the Obama administration, everywhere I could on the world stage.  This screams the parable Jesus taught about the mote in your brother’s eye vs the beam in your own eye.  So if the Pakistanis start screaming about, “we’ll keep out the single person when you can keep out the 20 million people”, what will we say then?

Some might say that, “It isn’t the same, Osama was a wanted criminal”.  If I were the Pakistanis I’d respond, “You are right, he was a single person and as difficult to find as a needle in a haystack.  Whereas with 20 million illegal immigrants, all you have to do is point in any direction.”  BTW simply being here makes them criminals (illegal aliens). If that isn’t enough to reduce the list of illegals in this country to just those that are criminals because they work in human trafficking or the drug trade, do you think they outnumber the single person that was Bin Laden?

Flake is, of course, indulging in nonsense. Those are not “illegal aliens.” They’re undocumented workers. Kinda like OBL was an “undocumented freelance military advisor.”


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