I tried to come up with a snarky headline, but words fail me. While Pres. Obama is doing his victory lap in celebration of his greatness in some Navy SEALS killing OBL, his administration is going ahead the prosecution of the CIA agents involved in the enhanced interrogation techniques that led directly to the killing of OBL.

But it does bother me that Obama has indicated that he will continue to allow Attorney General Holder to investigate and possibly prosecute CIA agents involved in the “enhanced interrogations” of certain key al Qaeda figures.

Such figures as Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and al Libi.

As in, the guys who gave up the name of the courier which we then tracked to bin Laden.

Which means that on the very day that Obama is in New York celebrating his own non-involvement in the killing of Oasma bin Laden he has signaled his continued support for prosecuting men who were actually involved in tracking down bin Laden.

What kind of sick egomaniac celebrates by stabbing the very men who did the dirty work necessary for tracking bin Laden down and giving us this victory?

So there’s no need to “spike the ball,” but there is a need to “spike the people whose actions led to my moment of self-congratulatory hubris.”


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