Sheriff Buford T. Justice approves

In the movie classic “Smokey and the Bandit,” an under-appreciated paragon of movie-making, Jackie Gleason, playing the part of Sheriff Buford T. Justice, kicks a young man in the hind quarters with no small amount of alacrity. The young man was one of several who, up until Sheriff Justice arrived on the scene, had been involved in stripping a car on the side of the road. After the boot of Justice was applied, the sheriff told the young man, “That’s an attention-getter.”

And, after reading this post from Sister Toldjah, it appears that those horrible, horrible, very bad interrogation techniques that led to Osama Bin Laden’s shuffling off this mortal coil are actually more in the way of attention-getters than actual interrogation techniques.

In light of all the back and forth that has taken place in the aftermath of the bin Laden termination, specifically the renewed debate on the effectiveness of aggressive interrogations, Bush-era administration official and counterterrorism expert Marc Thiessen explains in a great column in the Washington Post what the enhanced interrogation techniques used by US intelligence agencies were actually designed to do


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