Cool! And by “cool,” I mean “creepycool”

I’m not one to blow my own horn (honestly, I don’t even know where my horn is; one of the curses of old age), but I was a Google fan before googling became cool. And I still love a lot of what they do. Every time I google something and get exactly what I need in seconds, I’m reminded of the bad old days of searching, when you had about as much chance of finding the page you were looking for as you did 3-D pictures of the Loch Ness Monster playing cribbage.

But the news that Google Earth is moving inside makes me wonder if my Googlelove might be coming to an end.

The keynote then turned to some product launches. The first is Google Business Photos, which will allow users to explore the interiors of select businesses. The interface looks identical to Google Street View, allowing you to ‘look around’ the interior by dragging your mouse. Oddly, instead of allowing businesses to take these photos themselves, for the time being they have to request a Google photographer — though I won’t be surprised if Google eventually launches a photo app that makes it easy to take these 360 degree photos.

Second, Mayer announced that Google Earth is coming to Android Tablets. Google launched an Android version of Google Earth last year, and now they’ve launched a tablet-optimized version of the application. It’s available in Android Market right now.

I may just be paranoid, but when they’re really out to get you, being paranoid is just good policy.


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