Mercy sakes, we got us a convoy

(With apologies to C.W. McCall) “We got a great big convoy, rockin’ ‘cross the border. Yeah, we got a great big convoy, not acting like it orter.” My favorite part of this is how the EPA (taxpayers) will be putting pollution controls on these newly welcomed Mexican trucks. Because we don’t have anything like a deficit.

1. Obama’s deal with President Felipe Calderon, announced on March 3, bypasses Congress, defies the wishes of the American people and looks like the action of a Third World dictator who thinks representative government is a nuisance and can be ignored. Congress made its wishes emphatically clear in 2007 when it voted to continue our ban on Mexican trucks. The House roll-call vote was 411 to 3, and the Senate’s was 75 to 23.

2. Obama’s deal is a direct attack on the jobs available to U.S. truck drivers because it helps big-business interests cut their costs by hiring cheaper Mexican drivers. Obama’s deal is also an attack on small business (i.e., the owner-operated and independent truck drivers) who constitute the [vast] majority of U.S. trucks.

So when it comes to tackling oil prices, the president says it’s gonna take a long time, yada yada yada. But when it comes to favoring Mexican trucks entering America, over the clear wishes of the American people and their representatives, he turns into Frank Sinatra and does it his way.


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