Free the weavers!

I’m bald, and a man, and white, and I live in Alabama, so it’s not like I have a dog, erm, follicle in this fight. But I am always against government intrusion, so I’ll post this about the Institute for Justice’s fight against Utah’s hair-braiding laws. (Just ponder the stupidity of the phrase “hair-braiding laws” for a second.)

“The Constitution protects the right to earn an honest living without arbitrary and unreasonable government interference.But if you want to braid hair for a living in Utah, you must submit yourself to a completely irrational licensing scheme to get permission from the government before you are allowed to work. No one should have to hire a lawyer or lobbyist just to braid hair.  The right to earn an honest living is an essential part of our nation’s promise of opportunity.”

Balded Americans, we need to speak up for those who haven’t been converted to the beauty of a freshly shaven head.


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